Introducing video recording

Mon, Dec 13, 2021

ConnectionOpen v3.9.0

We’ve just released ConnectionOpen v3.9.0, which includes new video recording functionality.

Based on feedback from our users, we’ve added an option to record both audio and video during a session.

You can now record your webcam feed, in addition to recording separate audio files for solo and session tracks. This feature does not record remote video from other participants. The idea behind this decision is that each participant can have a high quality local copy of their camera feed, without any eventual glitches that could occur during a session. The recording does not include screen sharing at the moment.

Video recording can be enabled/disabled via the video settings menu.

This is an early implementation of this feature, and future improvements will be guided by you - so be sure to let us know your thoughts and suggestions!

Also included in this update is the latest performance optimisations and bug fixes for the ConnectionOpen standalone client app and DAW plugins.

You can download ConnectionOpen v3.9.0 for Mac OS and Windows from our website, and for iOS via the app store now!

Helping you communicate, collaborate and create,
ConnectionOpen Team