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ConnectionOpen gives you the freedom to connect uncompressed and synchronized with multiple users and won’t leave you reliant on a specific browser, hardware, or expensive ISDN line. All you need is a digital audio source and a broadband connection.


ConnectionOpen's patented process opens the studio door for multiple users to collaborate simultaneously with uncompressed audio -- saving your individual solo track locally as well as a mix of all participants.


ConnectionOpen places the ultimate tool in your transmission/recording toolbox with an application that is portable, user-friendly, and fast! We get out of your way so that you can focus your attention on creating great content.

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Who uses ConnectionOpen?


A producer's day is defined by time.

ConnectionOpen is a powerful tool allowing busy producers to participate in more sessions, auditions and call-backs -- without leaving the comfort of their workspace to do so.

ConnectionOpen's minimal lag lets them hear talent and sessions in real time -- uncompressed and synced with all participants as if they were all in the same studio -- from wherever they may have high-speed Internet access!

Sound Engineers

Capturing the talent's performances cleanly, working with the producers on timing/scheduling, satisfying the client, and getting the finished product out the door... We get it! Sound engineers are laser-focused on detail all day long.

ConnectionOpen enables engineers to easily connect with participants anywhere in the world, route audio directly into their DAW, get live feedback from the producers and clients on the mix -- without leaving their studio.

Soon, CO 2.0 will also feature "24-hour day passes", which will help busy studios using ConnectionOpen to work more easily with one-off or infrequent clients.

Quick, clean and easy to use.


Artists will love ConnectionOpen because it allows them to participate anytime, anywhere. CO 2.0 makes last-minute sessions and quick pick-ups a breeze.

ConnectionOpen is easy to set up - you don't need to be a sound engineer or IT Professional or home-networking wiz kid to get up on and online.

First time users can sign up, download ConnectionOpen, and be ready to roll in minutes!

Production without limits
Download ConnectionOpen and use for free for a limited time only.