Jim Kipping

Voice Artist / Audio Engineer / Sound Designer

Jim Kipping testimonial about ConnectionOpen

The pristine uncompressed audio coming across my speakers as I was introduced to ConnectionOpen was mindblowingly clean. This is a true digital VOIP masterpiece! The latency was imperceptible!! This will be a game changer, as being able to have multiple talents interacting on one session live with a client and studio will make life so much easier for all.


Familiar to listeners in and around Texas in the US, Jim Kipping's voice has been all over the radio, from drive-time hosting to countless nationwide commercials for the likes of Netflix, BMW and Sunny D. Aside from radio, Jim has narrated several audiobooks for Audible and has also demonstrated his thorough knowledge of the industry through his roles as both a Music and Program Director and Creative Services Director.


Eva Barros testimonial about ConnectionOpen

Eva Barros

Voice Actor

ConnectionOpen became my best friend to work remotely on dubbing. It's a very easy and intuitive piece of software.

Corey Burton

Corey Burton

Voice actor

Thanks to ConnectionOpen, it's as if I am right there on a Hollywood soundstage or major recording studio.

Kordell Pritchard testimonial about ConnectionOpen

Kordell Pritchard

Voice Actor

If you’re thinking about your software, you’re not thinking about your performance. That’s why ConnectionOpen should be the standard - no port mapping, no need for tutorials, no headache.

Rob Paulsen ConnectionOpen review

Rob Paulsen

Voice Actor

ConnectionOpen provides me with world-class tech that allows me to do seamless work of the highest quality.