Dave Fennoy

Voice Actor

Dave Fennoy testimonial about ConnectionOpen

As a voice actor I’ve used ISDN for years, but ConnectionOpen is a whole new way to connect to clients, It’s faster, cleaner, simpler, and less expensive than anything I’ve seen. It means musicians from around the world can record together and everyone be on the same beat. Multiple performers can be recorded at the same time with no latency issues - it’s just like all the actors are in the same room. ConnectionOpen is amazing.


A prolific voice actor across TV, film and video games, Dave Fennoy’s versatility has brought to life hundreds of characters from some of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world, including World of Warcraft, Star Wars and The Walking Dead.


Nathan Nokes testimonial about ConnectionOpen

Nathan Nokes

Voice Actor

ConnectionOpen is the way to go! It’s super clear, ZERO latency, and it’s a work horse so I can work on my performance and not tech issues.

Jim Kipping testimonial about ConnectionOpen

Jim Kipping

Voice Artist / Audio Engineer / Sound Designer

The pristine uncompressed audio coming across my speakers as I was introduced to ConnectionOpen was mindblowingly clean. This is a true digital VOIP masterpiece!

Kyle McCarley testimonial about ConnectionOpen

Kyle McCarley

Voice Actor

ConnectionOpen is without a doubt the head of the class, plus it’s simple to set up. Completely lossless remote audio at an insanely fast speed.

Corey Burton

Corey Burton

Voice actor

Thanks to ConnectionOpen, it's as if I am right there on a Hollywood soundstage or major recording studio.