Dave Courvoisier

Voice Actor

Dave Courvoisier testimonial about ConnectionOpen

I've been following the progress of ConnectionOpen since the beginning, and I’m amazed to see the innovative product it has become. ConnectionOpen is a truly awesome development for the voice-over world!


Dave is an Emmy award-winning TV news anchor, a seasoned voice actor and the founder of World-Voices Organization, an industry trade association for the VO community. Dave is one of the top bloggers for the Voice-over community, and author of the book: 'More Than Just a Voice: The REAL Secret to Voiceover Success'.


Barnaby Robson testimonial about ConnectionOpen

Barnaby Robson

Professor, performer, composer and music producer.

Having both great sound quality and video sync in the same package is fantastic - I highly recommend ConnectionOpen!

Rob Paulsen ConnectionOpen review

Rob Paulsen

Voice Actor

ConnectionOpen provides me with world-class tech that allows me to do seamless work of the highest quality.

Kyle McCarley testimonial about ConnectionOpen

Kyle McCarley

Voice Actor

ConnectionOpen is without a doubt the head of the class, plus it’s simple to set up. Completely lossless remote audio at an insanely fast speed.

Barrett Leddy testimonial about ConnectionOpen

Barrett Leddy

Voice Actor

ConnectionOpen is probably the closest thing we have right now to recording in-studio.