Corey Burton

Voice actor

Corey Burton

Thanks to ConnectionOpen, it's as if I am right there on a Hollywood soundstage or major recording studio, because there's hardly any lag, and the audio fidelity is indistinguishable. ConnectionOpen's simple, straightforward iPad iOS app is the way I want to continue performing character/voice over work remotely.


Corey Burton is a well established American voice actor, with a prolific back catalogue of film, television and videogame work, including major entertainment franchises like Star Wars, DC Universe, Transformers and countless other Disney projects.


Kordell Pritchard testimonial about ConnectionOpen

Kordell Pritchard

Voice Actor

If you’re thinking about your software, you’re not thinking about your performance. That’s why ConnectionOpen should be the standard - no port mapping, no need for tutorials, no headache.

Jim Kipping testimonial about ConnectionOpen

Jim Kipping

Voice Artist / Audio Engineer / Sound Designer

The pristine uncompressed audio coming across my speakers as I was introduced to ConnectionOpen was mindblowingly clean. This is a true digital VOIP masterpiece!

Kyle McCarley testimonial about ConnectionOpen

Kyle McCarley

Voice Actor

ConnectionOpen is without a doubt the head of the class, plus it’s simple to set up. Completely lossless remote audio at an insanely fast speed.

Sachiyo K testimonial about ConnectionOpen

Sachiyo K

Actress and voice artist

ConnectionOpen is so easy to use and I’m loving it so much!! Sounds clear and strong connection!! Very reliable!!