New testimonal - Barnaby Robson, Royal College of Music, London.

Thu, Oct 29, 2020

Barnaby Robson, Professor of clarinet, Royal College of Music, London

ConnectionOpen is proving to be an excellent tool for the remote teaching of musical instruments.

We spoke to Barnaby Robson, professor of clarinet at the Royal College of Music, London, to hear his personal ConnectionOpen experience and how it has enhanced his students’ remote learning during lockdown.

Here's what he told us:

"I have been using ConnectionOpen during the lockdown to teach my clarinet students at the Royal College of Music, London.

Both the CO platform itself and the support service are excellent. Being able to use either a laptop or tablet to run CO is invaluable and with just a basic USB mic, the sound quality is far superior to any of the other online platforms I have tried.

ConnectionOpen allows me to accurately hear what the students are doing on the instrument.
Having both great sound quality and video sync in the same package is fantastic - I highly recommend ConnectionOpen!"

Barnaby Robson

Professor of clarinet

Royal College of Music, London