New testimonial - Barret Leddy, voice actor

Wed, Dec 23, 2020

Barret Leddy relies on ConnectionOpen for his work as a voice actor

When recording professional audio, time can be of the essence, and when there’s a tight schedule, nobody wants to feel like wasted time is endangering the deadline. It is vital therefore that you have hardware and software tools that you can trust to perform.

Reliable and dependable, ConnectionOpen gives you confidence in the recording process and helps each session run smoothly. We recently spoke to New York City voice actor Barrett Leddy about his experience of using ConnectionOpen.

"ConnectionOpen is probably the closest thing we have right now to recording in-studio. My remote sessions always run smoothly; I can focus solely on my performance, knowing confidently the engineer and director are handling everything else. I hope CO remains a staple of our industry long after things return to normal."

Barrett Leddy - Voice actor