New testimonial - Eva Barros, actress and voice actress

Wed, Feb 10, 2021

Eva Barros - actress and voice actress

As social creatures, we thrive on the feedback of our family, friends and the people we work with too. As everyone continues to play their individual role in helping stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic on a global stage, it is all too easy to become disheartened by social distancing and isolation. Sometimes simply seeing a smile over video chat can change everything.

Fortunately, our latest testimonial video features the welcoming, warm and friendly smile of actress and voice actress Eva Barros, a familiar face on Portuguese primetime TV, starring in popular serial dramas for several major networks, like Nazaré, Espelho de Água and Mar Salgado, among many others.

Eva tells us about her experience working from home using ConnectionOpen, describing it to be a “best friend” for remote dubbing recording! 

“Hello My name is Eva Barros, I’m an actress and a vocal actress, and since March I started to work from home. ConnectionOpen became my best friend to work remotely on dubbing. It is a very easy and intuitive program to manage”

Eva Barros, actress and voice actress