v3.5.0 - Introducing three participant sessions

Thu, Jul 16, 2020

ConnectionOpen supports multiparticipant. Ideal for remote communication between teams.

Hi everyone,

It’s an exciting new release this week - ConnectionOpen v3.5.0 is packed full of new features, a direct result of communicating and collaborating with you, the community.

We start with the big one; three participant sessions! That’s right, you asked for it and we listened: sessions can now support 3 participants at once. We’ve been working hard on this one, and we’re delighted to be able to go live with this exciting feature.

For a smooth experience we recommend quad-core or above processors - the faster the better, and also an internet connection with 15Mbps or above upstream and downstream.

This update includes a simplification and refinement of the audio settings panel. On Windows, WASAPI (Windows Audio Session API) is used by default and the sample rate set to 48KHz. All notification audio (session ringtone etc) is now played through the selected output device, rather than the system default audio device.

Finally, we’ve been working with a very helpful community member on making ConnectionOpen more accessible for visually impaired users - an area which is still very new to us, but one that we are keen to learn about and embrace. Many thanks to Łukasz, for working with and giving us invaluable feedback on this. With his help we’ve added voice assisted use to the ConnectionOpen application.

ConnectionOpen v3.5.0 for Mac and PC is available to download now via our website.

Update now and try it yourself. As always, if you have any questions, comments or feedback about this new update, or anything else, you are always welcome to get in touch.

Communicate, collaborate and create with us,
ConnectionOpen Team