v3.6.0 - The best ConnectionOpen ever

Thu, Sep 10, 2020

v3.6.0 - Experience the best ConnectionOpen ever

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to share with you a milestone application update, with the release of ConnectionOpen v3.6.0 for MacWindows, and iOS.

After months of hard work, this huge release aligns all available ConnectionOpen platforms, desktop and mobile, with a single, unified version. An especially significant release for the iOS version, we’ve improved the overall audio engine, with support for stereo and external sounds interfaces, and added support for multi-participant sessions too.

We have introduced hardware video encoding, in order to take some of the strain away from the CPU having to do all the work. Right now this feature is only available on Mac.

To ensure a great session experience, synchronization of audio and video is crucial, that’s why we’ve worked hard to tighten up the timing between the two and minimize latency even further.

We’ve also redesigned the login screen so users can now conveniently access ‘sign up’, ‘sign in’, and ‘recover password’, all from the ConnectionOpen interface immediately after opening.

With big improvements to all aspects of the ConnectionOpen application and service, we encourage everyone to install this new version and jump into a session to see for yourself. 

ConnectionOpen v3.6.0 for WindowsMac and iOS is available to download now. Simply visit connectionopen.com/download to enjoy the latest and greatest ConnectionOpen experience, today!

ConnectionOpen Team