User Guide

Passes and plans

ConnectionOpen offers different ways to access the service based on your frequency of use. Casual users can purchase daily passes which allow 24 hours of access with no ongoing commitment, or more regular users can sign up to a monthly subscription plan which gives unlimited access plus the additional benefit of daily passes which can be gifted to non subscribing members to use.

Using daily passes (no subscription)

Daily passes provide 24 hours of access from the moment they are activated. To initiate a session or accept a session invitation, you must have a daily pass active.

If you attempt to initiate a new session or accept a session invitation without an active daily pass, you will be prompted to activate one of your available passes from your account, or purchase a new pass if you do not have any. You can check how many daily passes you have in your account, and purchase additional passes at any time by visiting your ConnectionOpen dashboard.

Using a subscription plan

You have unlimited usage of the service and can initiate or accept a session invitation with any contact who has either a Basic, Standard or Pro subscription, or any non subscribing member with an available daily pass in their account. You can transfer daily passes to any contact for them to use to initiate or accept a session with you or anyone else using the service.

Choosing a plan: Basic, Standard or Pro

Depending on how often you use ConnectionOpen and with how many different clients/contacts, subscribing to a Basic, Standard or Pro monthly plan can be the most cost effective way to get the most of out ConnectionOpen.

BASIC plan gives you 4 free daily passes every month to gift to any of your contacts, suitable for studios who want regular, modest usage of the service.

STANDARD plan gives you 12 free daily passes every month to gift to any of your contacts, suitable for podcasters and music teachers that need to connect wih someone more than once a week along the month.

PRO plan gives you 30 free daily passes and is suitable for studios who want to maximize their use of ConnectionOpen for a great price.

Transferring daily passes

Regardless of your current subscription status, you can always transfer (ie gift) any available daily passes in your account to any of your contacts to use however they wish. This can be very useful for quickly facilitating sessions between any of your contacts, or sending to new contacts who have just signed up for a ConnectionOpen account and want a quick way to try it out.

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